Contractors 'All Risks'


All types of civil engineering work ranging from small buildings to massive dams are exposed to damage from a wide range of causes such as fire, lightning, flood, inundation, storm, cyclone and other accidental damages. Contractors All Risks Policy is a comprehensive insurance which provides complete protection against all types of civil construction risks. This cover can be taken jointly by the owner/ principal covering the interest of all other parties including the main contractor, sub-contractor, financial institution and the bank.

Erection All Risks


The Erection All Risks policy is a comprehensive insurance, which provides complete protection against all types of risks associated with erection, testing, commissioning of machinery, plant and equipment during construction. This cover can be taken jointly by the owner/ principal covering the interest of all other parties such as the main contractor, sub-contractor, financial institution, bank etc. Erection All Risks Insurance embraces a wide variety of plant and machinery at all levels of complexity, ranging from the relatively straight forward positioning and connecting up of single manufactured items of equipment such as small pumps or electric motors to complete, major industrial complex such as a large power station or manufacturing facility.

Plant and All Risks(PAR) /Plant and Machinery(CPM) /Machinery All Risk (MAR)

These policies cover the loss or damage of Plant and Machinery necessitating repair or replacement, from any cause not specifically excluded, whilst at the location or in the geographical area mentioned therein.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance (MBD)

This Insurance offers financial protection in the event that the machinery suffers accidental, electrical and/or mechanical breakdown requiring repairs and/or replacement. Machinery Breakdown Insurance covers all types of Industrial equipment like turbines, compressors, generators, transformers, rectifiers, electric motors, diesel engines, pumps, wind mills and agricultural machinery among others.

Electronic Equipment

Today’s households and businesses are equipped with the latest technologies. These electronic equipment are often of high value, which makes the Electronic Equipment Insurance one of our most sought after policies. All electronic equipment used in residences, commercial establishments and industries could be covered under this insurance policy. Some of the equipment that the policy covers include, but not limited

  • Computers including portable equipment
  • Communication Facilities
  • Office Machinery
Boiler & Pressure Vessels Insurance


The intense pressure and the high temperature generated by boilers and pressure vessels in factories are highly vulnerable toexplosions and/or may cause extensive collateral damage to property and persons in any other eventuality. This policy is designed to offset such a debacle.


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