Burglary Insurance (BGR)
  • This insurance policy covers your valuables within the premises, stolen or damaged by theft following actual, forcible and violent entry to or exit from the premises or consequent to assault, violence or threat thereof to you or your employees or any member of your family.
Money In Transit (MOT)
  • This insurance policy covers the Money in the personal custody of insured’s authorized employees whilst in direct transit  or Cash whilst contained in a locked and secure iron safe/strong room over night or whilst open for business during normal business hours  against burglary and by actual forcible violent entry or exit of your premises.
  • Money in drawer or cash register also covered during normal business hours.
  • The term money generally includes cash, bank/currency notes, coins, postal/money orders etc.
Fidelity Guarantee (FGI)
  • This Insurance policy providing cover to employers in respect of direct loss of money or goods (e.g. stocks) resulting from fraud, dishonesty or embezzlement of employees.
Plate Glass Insurance (PGL)
  • This insurance covers accidental breakage of glass whilst situated at the Insured's premises from any cause other than those specifically excluded in the policy.
All Risks Insurance (ARI)
  • This insurance covers loss or damage to properties from perils such as:
    • Fire and lightning
    • Theft
    • Any other accidental or unforeseen circumstances

...Unless specifically excluded in the Policy.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAB)
  • This insurance provides 24 hours protection from accidents caused solely by violent, external and visible means resulting in death or bodily injury
  • Benefits are payable provided death occurs or disablement commences within 12 months of the date of injury
  • Policy is generally meant to cover permanent residents of Sri Lanka with automatic extended protection for incidental foreign travel (Worldwide)
  • Age limit ; generally between 16 to 65 years
  • Types of policies ; individual policies , group policies
Employer’s Liability (ELI)
  • This policy provides cover in respect of the liability of an employer to an employee for an injury caused by an accident or disease arising out of and in the course of employment either under WC ordinance (and subsequent amendments) or at common law
  • Additionally , the policy pays all costs and expenses incurred with the consent of the insurer in defending claims for compensation
  • The Scale of Compensation under this insurance varies according to the earning of the employee and has been determined by the Commissioner for Workmen’s Compensation .
Public Liability (PLI)
  • This policy provide cover for Legal Liability of the insured to pay compensation in respect of accidental death of or bodily injury to Persons, Accidental loss/Damage to property belonging to Third Party arising out or and in connection with the Insured's business described in the policy and happening  within the Premises/Area .
  • Also may provide the cover for all legal cost and expenses awarded to any claimant or incurred by the insured with the consent of the insurer in defending any claim Legal cost may be paid in addition to the limit depending on the specific policy.
  • This contract is subject to Sri Lankan jurisdiction.
Professional Indemnity (PRO)
  • Professional indemnity insurance covers professionals in respect of any claims made against them for breach of professional duty due to negligence, error or omission committed by the insured or employees or their predecessors in business . There for insured can compensate Insured's legal liability for financial loss incurred by a Third Party arising out of the advice given in a professional capacity.
Neon Sign (NSI)
  • Neon signs are usually insured along with building, fixtures and fittings under a fire policy against fire & allied perils. But we have a special cover for Neon Sign under the All Risk Insurance policy.  The Neon Sign Insurance policy provides cover for any loss / damage by theft or other accidental means too in addition to fire, lightning and explosion.
Product Liability
  • Policy will indemnify the insured against the insured’s legal liability in connection with the business of the insured, to pay compensation in respect of :
    • Accidental bodily injury including death or disease to any person
    • Accidental loss or damage to property caused by anything harmful or defective in any goods sold or supplied (could also include goods repaired, altered, treated or serviced)
  • Litigation expenses incurred with the consent of the insurer will be paid in addition to the liability of the insurer for damages.
  • Advanced Bond (ABD)
  • Performance Bond(PBD)
  • Bid Bond(BBD)
  • Surgical Hospitalization
  • Surgical & Hospitalization Insurance(SHE)
  • Surgical & HospitalizationExpenses(SHI)

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