Motor Insurance


  • Take required number of photos with an MMS enabled mobile phone
  • Immediately send it to our MMS HOTLINE - 0772336666
  • Your MMS will be acknowledged by way of a text message
  • After verification, you will be called, and given necessary instructions
  • Prompt settlement of claim
  • On-site Click & Go facility/No waiting
  • Quick assessment of Accidents - Island wide
  • Repair at a garage of your convenience
  • Hire purchase cover
  • Natural Disaster cover
  • 24 hr Accidental Hotline service - 0117566666
    • Attractive multiple rebates
    • Up front no-claims bonus
    • No claims bonus up to 75%
    • Personal Accident Cover up to Rs.100,000/- for Insured/Driver
    • Emergency medical expenses to the Insured /Diver of up to Rs.5,000/-


    • In the event of an accident, the insured/driver should contact the call centre on our hotline number(0117 5 66666). Thereafter, MBSL will arrange for an assessor to arrive at the scene for on-site inspection.
    • Assessor shall arrive at the site and assess the vehicle damages.
    • The assessor who visits the site / garage will hand overa claim form (Blue copy).
    • The assessor shall give you an on-site offer and if you agree with the same, the claim would be settled without an estimate. The blue claim form should be duly completed and signed by the insured and sent to our head office at No 122, Kew Road, Colombo 02.
    • If you wish to carry out repairs at a garage of your choice, then please obtain an estimate and call us on 0117566666. Our assessor will inspect the vehicle and will notify the garage of the assessment. Please ensure you send relevant documents to us promptly.
    • If the vehicle has been bought on lease/finance and you wish the claim settlement cheque to be madein your name, a letter from the institution from which the lease / finance was obtained must be submitted, stating that there is no objection to the claim being settled in your name. We can assist you in this regard.
    • If you wish the claim settlement cheque to be drawn in favour of the garage, then a letter to that effect must be submittedby you.
    • In order to proceed with any authorized repair, the payment has to be made to an establishment that is liable to “VAT”. The establishment must present a bill addressed to MBSL Insurance Co Ltd.
    • For all considerable repairs, spare parts will be provided by us. In all other instances, the price of the particular item(s) should be approved by the head office. Contact: Mr.Senarath – 0773 918015
    • Please retain any salvaged component safely in your custody until we advise you to dispose or handover to us if necessary.
    • On completion of repairs, please contact our call centre hotline on 0117566666 to arrange an after repair inspection if necessary.

    Please contact us on 0112 304500should you require any clarification regarding the above process. Fax: 0112 303489

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