• The Child Education Plan can be obtained by the Father, Mother or Guardian on Single or Joint life (1st life) basis.
  • Entry Age:
    • Parent’s Age - 18 to 60 years
    • Child’s Age - up to 12 years
  • Premium Paying Term – 08 to 20 years
Definite Benefits
  • Guaranteed payment of 150% of the sum assured in five(5) equal annual instalments from the desired vesting age of the child.
  • Inthe event of the death of the policyholder, payment of the basic sum assured and waiver of future premiums.
  • Future premiums will be waived in the event of permanent disablement of the policyholder.
  • Free Life Cover for the policyholder for five years after the premium paying period expires (applicable for the mother, father or guardian)
  • Bonus payments

Additional Benefits

Definite Benefit Multiplier(DBM)

This option ensures a maximum payment of four times the Definite Benefits, paid in instalments, in the event of death or disability of the policyholder.

Accidental Death Benefit(ADB)
  • Total Permanent Disablement (ASD)
  • Critical Illness Cover (CIC)
  • Hospital Cash Benefit (HCB)
  • Additional Life Cover (LTR)

TheSisumina Child Education Plan can be obtained with any of the above additional covers. Select your “Mode of Premium Payment” to suit your requirement

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Half Yearly
  • Yearly
  • Oras a special “Single Premium”

As parents we endeavour to send our children to the best universities. We also understand the financial burden of paying for your child’s university education. So why not get a Child education Plan and start making provisions for your child’s higher education early? If you start saving when your child is just a toddler, then your child, even in your absence, can continue his or her higher education and stay on their desired career path. This policy ensures guaranteed payment to the child while also providing protection to the parents. The SisuminaChild Education Plan can be obtained by the Mother, Father or the Guardian, on a Single or Joint life basis.

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