Our Family Protection Plan has special features that provide you maximum life cover at nominal premiums while providing free life cover for 10 years at the end of the premium paying period.

You policy entitles you to:
  • A life insurance cover during the premium paying period
  • Free life cover for an additional 10 years following the expiry of the premium paying period
  • On expiry of the full term of the Policy, all the premiums paid under the Basic Sum Assured will be paid back to the policy holder


  • In the event of accidental death of the policy holder (ABD), the beneficiary will receive a maximum payment equal to double the amount assured.This is in addition to the basic sum assured.
  • Payment of the sum assured due to accident (TPD) or disability due to sickness or accident (ASD)
  • A monetary cover in the event that the policy holder has to undergo amputation due to any reason (EPD)
  • Waiver of premiums in case of permanent disability (WOP)
  • Payment of lump sum in case of critical illness (CIC)
Select your “Mode of Premium Payment” to suit your requirement Monthly/Quarterly/Half Yearly/Yearly oras a special “Single Premium”


This Policy is written as a term assurance policy where premiums are payable for a selected term. The sum assured under the Policy would become payable in the event of death of the Life Assured during the premium paying term of the Policy as well as for a further period of 10 years without premium contribution (Free Life Cover). In the event of the survival of the Life Assured to the expiry of the full policy term, which includes the additional free life cover for 10 years after the premium paying term, all the standard premiums paid (100%) under the basic contract would be refunded.

Other Benefits

Additional Rider Covers provides additional benefits, except for Hospital Cash Benefit (HCB), Rider and Level Term Rider could be chosen at the outset or can be added later to the Policy, subject to insurability and payment of relevant additional premium.

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