FAQ Life Line

1.Why should I select MBSL for Insurance?

We are among the most highly ranked in the industry for excellence in customer services. We offer a wide variety of products designed to cater to individual needs and offer flexible solution that caters to your requirement.

You can be assured that our team of well- trained and highly professional staff and insurance consultants are equipped to advise you on how to get the best out of your insurance.

Long-term stability matters when it comes to taking care of you for life. We are one of the most secure financial entities in business.

2.How can life insurance help me?

Life's many uncertainties bring about many unwelcome and unexpected events. Tragedy and disaster can strike at any moment affecting your life or livelihood. In such unforeseen circumstances, families and businesses may undergo hardships due to loss of income. By taking a Life insurance, you can free yourself of the anxiety of future uncertainties and transfer the risk to a third party i.e. the Insurer.

3. What protection does a life insurance offer?

The financial risk that a person faces in his day to day life by providing the life risk covering for the following two major hazards

  • Loss arising in the family on untimely death of the sole bread winner.
  • Provision for the old age by providing long term retirement plans.

This will ensure the further financial satisfactory of a person by ensuring the best returns by way of investment protection.

Risks covered under life insurance policies

  • Untimely death of the Assured or provision for old age
  • Total and permanent Disability
  • Critical Illness
  • Hospital care
4.Why should I get a life insurance policy and what are its advantages?

  • A life insurance encourages regular savings and gives you peace of mind in an emergency by making funds available
  • Prudent investment with tax free benefit
  • collateral for housing loans, mortgage protection
5. Who is eligible for Life Insurance?

Any person over 18 years of age could enter into an insurance contract in his own life or the life of another.

  • Where a proposal is on the life of another, the proposer must have an insurable interest on the life to be assured.The proposer’s physics and present state of health, age, occupation, income and other factors are considered before entering into a contract.
  • Minors and those that exceed the stipulated maximum age cannot be considered for the life insurance policy. Others who are ineligible or excluded from the policy include the mentally sick, critically ill and those with severe deformities.
6. How can I get a quotation for the policy?

We give you several options. You could either call us or send us an email or visit us at either our Central Office or at any of our branches around Sri Lanka, or we could have our representative call you at your convenience.

7. Who will service me?

All MBSL staff in all our branches island-wide are dedicated to serve you. Our field staff are also ready to give you a personalized service in meeting your insurance needs.

8. How do I determine the coverage amount for my life?

For life insurance policies, the amount to be insured is related to your future earning capacity and your liabilities.
Just give us a call. We will advise and help you arrive at an equitable figure.

9. How are the claims settled?

MBSL settles all claims within Sri Lanka.

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