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Title Insurance

You can now obtain a single premium Title Insurance solution which will defend and protect the interests of the lending institute during the entire tenure of the loan repayment. At the same time, when you want to take a housing loan or business property loan, the lending institutes now insist you to obtain a 'Title Insurances' cover in order to process the loan application which in turn will be pledged as a collateral (a security) for the loan if there would be any possible defects in the title of the property. MBSL Insurance provides a speedy and efficient service to issue you the required title insurance cover for you to obtain your loan as fast as possible from your lending institute.

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Date of incorporation

MBSL Insurance Company Limited is a Public Limited Liability Company incorporated on 24th September 2004 under the Companies Act No. 17 of 1982 in Sri Lanka. The Company was re-registered under the Companies Act No. 7 of 2007.

MBSL Insurance Company Limited

519, T.B. Jayah Mawatha,
Colombo 10.

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